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I’m trying to patch the latest Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced version to FireRed and NUPS is giving me the “patch doesn’t match the file” error despite working for previous versions of the hack. Launch the GBA emulator and if the ROM loads properly and not it isn’t FireRed that comes out but Rocket Edition, then you did everything correctly. The patch will automatically happen which is usually a couple of seconds.

As soon as you accomplish this, you will end up reducing the volume of sites that will be able to discover you. Also, make an effort to reduce the amount of images you put in your information. 80s Arcade Games, an overlooked application, has some of the best 8-bit games.


Hacked or modded versions of games aren’t something entirely new to the space. Sorry to double post, but I realized that all cartridges come like this. Please forgive me for my paranoia, I do not need anymore help. It’s not the screw, it’s the really tiny crease on the side of all GBA cartridges. The two halves of the cartridge are becoming loose. I suggest yuou stop playing pokemon right now, as it has clearly impaired your eyesight.

  • Maybe they would have continued the virtual console or made it better if they didn’t have to compete with piracy sites or waste money on security features.
  • Also, when flashing a new unpatched ROM to a cartridge like this, the game may not be able to save progress without soldering in a battery.
  • And of course it supports running Nintendo DS homebrew.
  • Another great option for your classic gaming pleasures.

This would undoubtedly assist you in recalling some of your childhood recollections. Many classic ROMs can bring back the fun of games like Road Rash, Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and others. The site is regularly updated with newer content, which is still under development.

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In April, he shared his work-in-progress on Reddit. Since then, community feedback has allowed him to vastly improve the application. He has since revealed that he has big plans for the website, and asks patrons to donate to support him in this project. Apart from GBA and SNES games, he would like to eventually add support for PlayStation and N64 games as well. VBA is a great GBA emulator for all types of game boy games such as game boy colour and Gameboy Advance.

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Check for bends or distortion on the area around the screen. Next, remove the two battery terminals.Turn over the PCB and heat the solder from the back side. Carefully push or pull the terminals out, using pliers. Mega Man Battle Network games unlock many different bonus depending on the game inserted (see GameFAQs’ entry).

You can check on the bottom of your psp, the first number of the serial number indicates 1000, 2000, or 3000. What you want to do, is click and drag the application’s folders to the GAME folder. Extract the NES image from the combined PocketNES GBA rom. Reading New Cooking Games and writing of MRB original multi-rom files. All can be enjoyed on this emulator for hours, with ease and fun. Start a thread Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people.

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