The best GBA games of all time

The seal is present on a lot of classic Game Boy carts, and is always present on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance carts. So at the request of Adam, here are 6 easy tips for spotting a fake GBA game on eBay. Type that master code in using your Gameshark or Action Replay and you should then be able to enter a number of cheats – we’ve got a list of great codes further down this page. If you have the Gameshark or Action Replay accessory then you will be pleased to know that inputing cheats is as simple as tapping in a code – and there are a lot of codes out there to use. Digiex is a technology and gaming forum, founded in 2004 by InsaneNutter and Nimrod. Digiex has served the internet community with breaking news, detailed guides, exclusive downloads and a popular discussion forum.

Other than that, the entire collection of DS games will transfer over and play just fine on the 3DS. Download homebrew starter kit and unzip all the files to the root of your 3DS SD card. It is certainly a quality round up of classic Gameboy Advance titles, and it should go some way to putting a smile on the face of gamers who purchased the console at its original launch price of $249. The August price drop to $169 came as part of Nintendo’s efforts to boost initially slow sales of its unique handheld console. Recently I’ve been reading and watching Japanese shows and comics.

Follow the installation guide to install the application. Installing the emulator may take some time depending upon the file size and your device memory. They allow users to perform certain tasks that are otherwise impossible.

Spotting bootlegs

This trend may even be here to stay, at least for a little while, according to Dana. More easy-to-use development tools for retro consoles like the Game Boy mean that prospective developers have an easier time executing their passions. Retro collecting is on the rise, and consumers are more likely to purchase newer games for old systems, especially with the Internet making things more accessible.

  • Pokémon Emerald takes you to the Hoenn region, the continent of Groudon and Kyogre.
  • For folks who were unlucky enough to grow up in the age of Nintendo 3DS, here is a gaming console that defined so many childhoods.
  • NoGBA supports multiplayer and is able to load multiple NDS ROM files for linking games.
  • If this does not work, LittleWriter has a function that will attempt to repair your card—one more reason to use it.

Created by a company called RetroFlag, their aim is to bring retro gamers into the RetroPie handhelds community by providing you with a DIY Gameboy Kit. All you need to do is go out and buy a Raspberry Pi 3, stick it in, install some software and then you’re ready to go. It has a bright 3″ IPS display, comes with USB-C charging and only costs $39.99. That makes it an affordable handheld for your best retro handhelds collection.


I was wondering why my game was acting so suspicious. It’s been hell trying to find a legitimate Pokemon Leaf Green, but now at least I know what to look for. If they give you trouble, I hear reporting the issue to PayPal is very effective, especially considering the seller’s money will be tied up with that account. When playing the game, you might encounter other problems. While saving, the music will drop out in the middle of the process.

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DeSmuME is perhaps the best Nintendo DS emulator for your PC or Laptop. It can emulate and play Nintendo NDS games at ease, with microphone and sound emulation. Amongst all the emulators we tried our hand at DeSmuME had the best sound reproduction for ROMs & games. The sound features, including the microphone use, are supported. The DeSmuME also emulates direct video and audio recording; it has a built-in movie recorder.

Drastic is perhaps the best Nintendo DS emulator for PC. You will have save states, controllers support, button mapping facilities as features. If you are having a high potential smartphone you will be able to enjoy the best potential. Right-click the “GAME” folder inside the “PSP” folder and click “Paste.”. This will transfer and install the emulator onto the PSP memory stick. Press the “O” button on go girl games the PSP to disconnect the PSP safely from the computer.

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